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October Webinar Focuses on Accident Investigation

As a front line supervisor or the responsible safety professional one of your duties is going to be dealing with on the job injuries and writing up the incident investigation report.

What is your approach to incident investigation going to be? Are you going to play the blame game or do you want determine the root cause and address it?


On October 28, at 1:00 p.m. ET, ISRI will host the webinar, Not a Near Miss! Conducting a Proper Accident Investigation, which will help you to approach an incident with a clear understanding of the cause and effect relationships between the behaviors that were related to the risk and the reasons why that person, knowingly or unknowingly, was put in the position to take that risk. Understand the cause of behavior and you’ll begin to see a pathway for solutions.


In the webinar we will examine among other ideas, the need to ask critical questions around:

  • Training, tool availability, equipment flaws, perceived time pressure, missed reporting, supervision, and work flow; and
  • What has the worker’s experience doing this task in the past? Is the safe way to do the task cumbersome or ineffective? Did the worker adopt the risk in an effort to save time or trouble? What can be changed in the task to alleviate the “costs” of the safe alternatives?

Be sure to register for this informative webinar.

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