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ISRI Raises Doubts on Need for Used Electronics Export Ban

ISRI responded to a Huffington Post article that reported on the latest effort of activist groups to ban exports of used electronics.

ISRI reminded readers that over the past several years there has been irrefutable reports that acknowledge the tremendous success that the U.S. electronics recycling industry has shown over the past ten years. Indeed, the vast majority of usedelectronics products are collected and recycled here at home. At the same time as the U.S. market has matured, there has even a dramatic increase of used products generated in developing countries, such as China and India, in a dramatic fashion. As such, there is a major need to increase capacity building and sharing of best environmental and safety practices with countries experiencing this dramatic rise of used electronics products. The Obama administration has put forward a number of concrete steps to achieve these goals. The President established the Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship that produced a comprehensive National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship. ISRI applauded the President's leadership on this strategy and continues to work with the interagency task force to further improve market conditions for recyclers not only in the U.S but throughout the world. These are the steps necessary to ensure sustainable electronics recycling, not an export ban. For more information about this issue and electronics recycling at ISRI, please contact Eric Harris and Billy Johnson.

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