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ISRI Seeks Simplification of Chinese Inspection Process

As part of a collaborative effort with the China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association (CMRA), ISRI provided detailed comments to the China Certification & Inspection Group’s (CCIG) offshore inspection practices outlining a number of concerns raised by its members.

In an ongoing effort to simplify the inspection process for shipments exported to China, ISRI noted that it is simply not necessary to require “double inspections,” once at the shipping point and again at the destination port. In addition, the inspection fees to CCIC and travel expenses for the inspector can be costly, especially as there is no assurance that the shipment will be cleared by China Customs Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ). 

To resolve these issues, ISRI has proposed an in-person meeting where CCIC officials can discuss with shippers of scrap materials the problems they are facing. In addition, ISRI has offered to provide training sessions to CCIC inspectors so they can gain a better understanding of the scrap specifications that are the basis of transactions.

ISRI will remain vigilant on these issues and continue to work with CCIC to make the process for North American exporters less burdensome and costly. For more information please contact Eric Harris.

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