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ISRI Promotes the Value of Recycling at UN Meeting on Household Materials

ISRI recently participated in the first United Nations Basel Convention meeting on Household Waste in Montevideo, Uruguay.
The meeting brought together key stakeholders from regions throughout the world to develop a work program on the environmentally sound management of household materials with a special emphasis on economies in transition. The work program focuses on developing a comprehensive manual that includes best practices, business models, policies, and innovative solutions to prevent and reduce the amount of household waste, and to promote recycling and energy recovery of separated recyclables. ISRI, along with the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), focused on promoting the appropriate reuse and recycling of materials that could be collected and destined from recycling. ISRI suggested that a competitive market is needed to ensure the free and fair flow of recyclables from households throughout the world. The work program proposal will be put forward for acceptance at the next Conference of the Parties in April 2017. For more information about this public/private partnership or ISRI’s international relations efforts, please contact ISRI’s Eric Harris.

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