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Demonstrate Safety Leadership by Getting Personally Involved

Safety leadership comes down to what leaders think, say, do, and measure.

One way to visibly demonstrate to your people that nothing is more important to you than their health and safety is to become personally involved. What does that mean? It means seeking out opportunities to be involved in safety activities like incident investigations, frontline safety meetings, stand-down day activities, or safety briefings. Be visible and seen as a champion of health and safety.


For example:

  • Lead by example by consistently demonstrating compliance with proper safety behaviors such as wearing correct PPE when walking throughout the worksite.
  • Challenge unsafe practices whenever you come across them.
  • Be visible. Seek out opportunities to be involved in safety activities like incident investigations, safety meetings, and training. Share personal stories with your employees so they see your commitment to safety is genuine.
  • Complete regular “safety walks” to talk to your frontline employees. Attend onsite team meetings to get a first-hand feel for any issues.
  • Engage your leadership team and commit to completing a number of conversations with frontline staff about safety each month and encourage everyone on your leadership team to do the same.

Credibility is formed when people know they can count on you for something. It is based on how people experience you, and what that experience tells them. People see the consistency between your words and actions as a safety leader. When a leader is consistent and truly involved in the safety program credibility grows and trust deepens. For more information about ISRI safety, contact Terry Cirone at (202) 662-8529.

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