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New Scrap Issue Focuses on Commodities

The July/August issue of Scrap will hit the mail this week, so watch for that edition to arrive soon.

In keeping with its commodities theme, the 148-page issue includes an update on the catalytic converter recycling market, a list of aluminum scrap consuming facilities in North America, and a profile of CASS, an innovative Oakland-based scrap processor and aluminum remelter. In addition, the issue provides coverage highlights of the ISRI2016 convention in Las Vegas and a comprehensive report on the BIR’s spring meeting in Berlin. The July/August edition wraps up with an equipment focus article on shear attachments and safety-related features on the hazards of sealed containers in scrapyards and ISRI’s Safety Data Sheet program. Don’t miss this invaluable content!

Scrap’s next issue—September/October—has a safety and operations theme, with planned articles on the CRT glass problem, car crushers, airborne hazards, and Europe’s circular economy concept. For more information, contact Kent Kiser at (202) 662-8547.

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