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EPA Amends NESHAP Rule for Secondary Aluminum Production & Issues Sweat Furnace Guidance

Last month, the EPA issued related proposed and direct final rules amending the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for Secondary Aluminum Production (40 CFR ยง63 Subpart RRR) that were finalized in September 2015.

The EPA also issued guidance for sweat furnace operators respecting this Secondary Aluminum NESHAP rule. Requirements for sweat furnaces are not affected by these related proposed and direct final rules. The direct final rule “correct[s] inadvertent errors, clarif[ies] rule requirements for initial performance tests and submittal of malfunction reports, provid[es] an additional option for new round top furnaces to account for unmeasured emissions during compliance testing, and clarif[ies] what constitutes a change in furnace operating mode. [It] also updates Web site addresses for the EPA’s Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT) and the Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI)”. None of the changes affects requirements for sweat furnaces. The related proposed rule contains the same amendments as the direct final rule, but further provides an opportunity for public comment on the amendments. EPA “view[s the direct final rule] as a noncontroversial action and anticipate[s] no adverse comment” (see also EPA’s factsheet). EPA also issued the guidance document, “Amendmentsto the Operating & Monitoring Requirements for Sweat Furnaces SecondaryAluminum Production NESHAP”, for sweat furnace operators. The guidance reviews the updated requirements for sweat furnaces after the September 2015 amendments to the Secondary Aluminum NESHAP rule. Questions should be directed to David Wagger, ISRI Chief Scientist and Director of Environmental Management at (202) 662-8533. 

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