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Recycling in Cuba

Two weeks ago, ISRI Chair Mark Lewon and I attended the XIV Congreso Internacional De Reciclaje in Havana, Cuba.
RobinAndMarkCubaThe Congress was organized by the Union de Empresas de Recuperacion de Materials Primas (UERMP), which is the state-owned entity responsible for the recovery, processing, and marketing of recyclable materials and waste generated throughout Cuba. The visit was a wonderful opportunity to learn about potential future opportunities for ISRI members to do business in Cuba, given the loosening of the U.S. embargo and the corresponding improving relations between Cuba and the U.S. Although most attendees were from Cuba, participants from Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Portugal, Panama, Spain, Russia, Italy, China, and other countries were also present, allowing us opportunities to also learn about potential opportunities throughout Latin America. A more detailed report on the visit will be provided during the ISRI Trade Committee meeting in two weeks here in DC, as part of the Summer Board and Governance Meetings, which, as always, are open to all members.  Please join us!  And, feel free to email me with any questions or if you should need any additional information.

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