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ISRI Strengthens Support for Glass Recycling

As the issue of glass recycling becomes more and more prominent with recyclers, ISRI is strengthening its support of this segment of the industry. Through its newly formed MRF Council, ISRI is developing MRF Glass specifications.

When completed, these specifications will help MRF’s create specification grade bales of MRF glass that can be bought and sold as a feedstock. These specifications are an outgrowth of conversations ISRI has had with the Glass Packaging Institute, ISRI’s MRF members, and other stakeholders. Glass specifications are only one example of ISRI’s growing support for glass recycling.  Recently, ISRI joined the Glass Recycling Coalition. This coalition, formed of stakeholders throughout the glass value chain is working to develop solutions that will help drive glass recovery and recycling rates higher. Members of the coalition include bottle makers, recyclers, associations, and other stakeholders who are all committed to sharing best practices and generating new ideas on how to increase glass recycling. ISRI is proud to be a member of this coalition and looks forward to participating in the many activities planned by this group. Although working diligently to increase glass recycling and support our members that handle glass, ISRI is always looking for input from members that have expertise in glass recycling.  Should you have experience with glass recycling and would like to help guide ISRI’s efforts in this area, please contact Jonathan Levy

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