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ISRI has partnered with the International Scrap Academy to aid in providing the recycling industry with highly vetted and on-demand educational resources. We began this partnership in 2021 with our initial offering, Scrap University’s Certified Scrap Metal Professional presented with ISRI.

Scrap University has over 235 years of recycled materials knowledge and experience going into the creation of its courses. By collaborating with experienced industry professionals, ISRI, and other recycling organizations, Scrap University creates and hosts online courses and certifications for companies and/or individuals interested in expanding their knowledge base in the recycled materials industry. ISRI members gain access to this knowledge base at a significant discount.


The program is an online training “boot camp” where individuals learn to identify and upgrade metals quickly. It is delivered completely online and in 8 modules.

  • The Certified Scrap Metal Professional (CSMP) is made up of 8 modules. The modules are:
    • Scrap Orientation
    • Ferrous
    • Nonferrous: Aluminum
    • Nonferrous: Red Metal
    • Nonferrous: Stainless Steel / Hi-Temp Alloys
    • Nonferrous: Insulated Wire
    • Nonferrous: Lead & Zinc
    • Nonferrous: Mixed Metal

    Each module includes a short video, printable reference materials, and a short quiz. The program also gives you access to a downloadable PDF of ISRI’s Scrap Specifications Circular.

    To successfully complete the program and earn the CSMP designation, you must complete all modules and a final examination—again all done online at your convenience.

Within 48 hours of that confirmation message, Scrap University sends you a link to the program and instructions for logging in. Once you purchase access to the online CSMP program, you can take it at your own pace and your access doesn’t expire. There is no time limit to completing the program.

Once you successfully complete the program, including the exam, you will be mailed a certificate of completion labeled with the Certified Scrap Metal Professional designation.

  • The program is $1,349/person for nonmembers and $999/person for ISRI members (a 25% savings).
  • Once you purchase the program, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours from Scrap University. The confirmation email will include a hyperlink to the program and instructions for logging in to it.
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing and will be provided a refund equal to 50% of the paid fee. Written cancellations may be emailed to Registration@ISRI.org or sent by postal mail to ISRI, 1250 H St. NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005.

Yes, when completing the purchase, you can indicate the number of “seats” you’d like in the program. A program account is set up for you noting the number of “seats” you purchased. When you are ready to assign those “seats” to individual employees, you just enter the person’s name and email address. The employee will then receive an email message with a hyperlink to the course materials. You are in control and able to assign training for your team.


What Are Industry Professionals Saying?

“The program was great, educational, easy to work through, and fun!”

“I was new to the scrap metal business and the class really helped me get an overall understanding of metal recycling.”

“Our team members that participated in the course were impressed with the program. Both are senior members of our team, so although the course did not further their understanding of the industry, it did provide a good refresher on certain topics.”

“It is very easy to follow. I really enjoyed it. I have been working in the scrap metal industry for 15 years and still found things that were new to me.”



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About International Scrap Academy’s Scrap University

Founders Kate Fraser and Brad Rudover created and launched Scrap University and began offering the Certified Scrap Metal Professional (CSMP) to lessen the daily challenges businesses face when training metal identification and upgrades.

Having come from the industry, both are personally familiar with every facet of the recycled materials business, from running a yard to brokering sales. The initial goal was simple, give back to the industry by increasing knowledge by 1% through a standard training program.

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