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2022 Advocacy Agenda

ISRI’s Advocacy Agenda for 2022 emphasizes three broad issue areas affecting the industry: Recyclable Commodities are Sustainable Materials, Recycling is Sustainable Manufacturing and We are Recycling.

04 - Advocacy

Jan 15, 2018, 12:55 PM
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Advocacy Across the Globe
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From the moment rumors began circulating in May that China was considering banning certain scrap imports and severely restricting others, ISRI worked aggressively to activate the U.S. Government and other entities around the world
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Recycling is Essential to Land Preservation- ISRI President

Published by InsideSources, the latest op-ed by ISRI President Robin Wiener details the role of recycling in the preservation of tribal land, and providing a cleaner & safer alternative that can reduce the need for mineral extraction from the earth.


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Recyclers Score a Win in NJ Recycled Content Bill

On Jan. 18, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law a bill establishing postconsumer recycled content [PCR] requirements for rigid plastic containers; glass containers; paper and plastic carryout bags; and plastic garbage bags.

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ISRI PAC provides contributions to campaigns of members of Congress or candidates seeking federal elective office who have demonstrated a willingness to support recycling and ISRI’s legislative and regulatory agenda.

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Through its chapter network, ISRI tracks legislation and advocates for the industry across the states.


As a results of ISRI’s advocacy efforts, the U.S. Mint resumed its Mutilated Coin Redemption Program after a three-year suspension.


Materials Theft

To combat the important issue of metals theft, ISRI has developed , an online theft alert system that is available to law enforcement, recyclers, and property owners – free of charge.