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2024 Advocacy Agenda

Building on the evolving role the recycled materials industry has in ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for our planet, ReMA’s 2024 Advocacy Agenda is focused on: Championing Environmental Stewardship within Reasonable Regulatory Frameworks, Maintaining Market Access, Development and Sustained Economic Growth,  Ensuring A Safe and Circular Environment in the Era of Decarbonization and Increasing Electrification, Promoting Safe and Responsible Recycling Operations, and Shaping the Future by Advancing Education, Workforce Development, and Responsible Governance.


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Jan 15, 2018, 12:54 PM
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Advocacy in the States
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ISRI - through its combined network of national and chapter resources - tracked and reported on more than 500 state bills and regulations across the nation
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Plastics Recycling Continues to Grow

Published by Inside Sources, the newest op-ed by ISRI President Robin Wiener highlights environmental strides the industry has made recovering certain types of plastics, and continued opportunities for growth.

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ISRI Applauds Signage of Ocean Shipping Reform Act Into Law

In a victory for the recycling industry, providing much needed relief from excessive ocean shipping rates, ISRI applauds the signage of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA) into law. This follows numerous ISRI advocacy efforts on behalf of recyclers.

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ISRI PAC provides contributions to campaigns of members of Congress or candidates seeking federal elective office who have demonstrated a willingness to support recycling and ISRI’s legislative and regulatory agenda.

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Through its chapter network, ISRI tracks legislation and advocates for the industry across the states.


As the Voice of the Recycling Industry™, ISRI has developed policy and position statements on a variety of topics, representing the interests of the industry.


ISRI is a staunch advocate for responsible recycling, regulatory enforcement and improving the quality of materials in compliance with our internationally-recognized Specifications.