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The most effective way to address the problem of metal theft is through a comprehensive strategy focusing first on efforts to prevent metal theft to the maximum extent practicable and second on assisting law enforcement and prosecutors in their efforts to catch, prosecute, and penalize those who perpetrate these thefts to the extent necessary to dissuade their colleagues from a similar path.

Success Stories

Read first-hand testimony from law enforcement officers around the nation about how facilitated the arrests of metals theft suspects.  Submit success stories of your own for publication.

Metals Theft Best Practices

Unfortunately, criminals will take advantage of nearly every opportunity available to them. Thus, as commodity prices rise, the theft of scrap metals and recovered paper seems to increase as well. No one is immune to this problem. Members of the recycling industry also are often the victims of material theft.

is an e-mail newsletter for law enforcement subscribers to It will be sent periodically to share success stories, working strategies, and other issues that may be pertinent to your fight against metal theft.

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Scrap Theft Alert

ISRI operates a free web-based alert system seeking to connect law enforcement communities and scrap yard operators in the investigation and prevention of materials theft. Law enforcement officials can post information about stolen scrap materials, or materials that have been stolen by thieves that could be sold for scrap. The reports are turned into alerts that are then broadcast over the Internet to all member scrap yards within a 200 mile radius.


Scrap Theft Alert Brochure

STA BrochureAccess the brochure for more information about the program, success stories, how to register, and submitting a theft report.

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