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VP, Safety
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Driver Evaluations

Every five seconds in the United States today, a commercial motor vehicle is involved in a crash. One bad choice, one unqualified driver, and one serious accident is all that it takes to ruin your company. Protect yourself, protect your company, and protect your future. ISRI Safety offers the following services; we assess driver qualification, vehicle maintenance, drug and alcohol records, hours-of-service, vehicle crash history, and CSA performance. We also conduct driver classroom training, defensive driver commentary check rides, and hands-on vehicle inspection classes. Immediate feedback and recommendations are provided to senior management, and follow-up assessments are conducted on a request basis.

The six regulatory factors that we will assess during the in-house review are as follows:

  • Factor 1 = General = Parts 387 & 390 of FMCSR
  • Factor 2 = Driver = Parts 382, 383 & 391 of FMCSR
  • Factor 3 = Operational = Parts 392 & 395 of FMCSR
  • Factor 4 = Vehicle = Parts 393 & 396 of FMCSR
  • Factor 5 = Hazmat = Parts 397 & 177
  • Factor 6 = Accident Factor = Recordable Preventable Rate

During the course of this assessment we will conduct an in-depth examination of the company's compliance with the regulations related to the above factors. Information, documentation, policies, processes, and programs will be reviewed to determine if there are any violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as outlined in the factors above. For more information program contact ISRI’s Transportation Safety Manager, Commodor Hall at