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Safety Blueprint

Material Handler Train-the-Trainer

Mobile equipment safety is an important part of your operation. ISRI is proud to offer the first in a series of mobile equipment safety courses. The Material Handler Train-the-Trainer is a 2-day training course that is free to ISRI members. It includes one full day in the classroom covering equipment related safety information and 4 – 6 hours in the field going over equipment inspection, blind spot drills, machine set-up and control, as well as loading and unloading exercises. This course is designed to give trainers at your facility a better understanding of safety in and around material handlers.


Course Outline

The course outline will give those who are interested an idea of what the class consists of.


Course Power Point and Videos

isri safety videosThe power point and videos offer supporting material to this operator safety course. Trainers are encouraged to incorporate this information into their material handler operator safety training program. 

Student Guide

This downloadable pdf offers useable information for students and trainers. It can be used as a supplement in the operator safety training course.


No Zone

This power point shows no-go zones, or operator blind spots around various pieces of mobile equipment found in the scrap recycling industry.