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VP, Safety
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The ISRI Board determined in 2006 that for the safety culture message to gain the greatest traction, ISRI needed to communicate face-to-face with our members and thus they directed the ISRISafety staff to “hit the road,” delivering the safety message to members at their own facilities, free of charge, as a benefit of membership.

ISRI Safety Outreach Services

Safety Management Blueprint Training

Available exclusively to members who have signed the ISRI Safety Pledge, the ISRI Safety Blueprint facilitates a full-day discussion among senior managers that allows them to identify for themselves the strengths and weaknesses of 20 different elements of their safety programs.

ISRI Safety 10-Hour Training

Recent changes made by OSHA in the mandatory elements of the OSHA 10-Hour Training program prompted us to move away from the branded “OSHA 10-Hour Training,” and instead offer our own customized 10-Hour training program.    This change allows ISRI Safety to more effectively tailor two-day training sessions to the specific needs of individual members.

Transportation Assessment Program

Every five seconds in the United States today, a commercial motor vehicle is involved in a crash. One bad choice, one unqualified driver, and one serious accident is all that it takes to ruin your company. Protect yourself, protect your company, and protect your future. ISRI Safety offers the following services; we assess driver qualification, vehicle maintenance, drug and alcohol records, hours-of-service, vehicle crash history, and CSA performance. We also conduct driver classroom training, defensive driver commentary check rides, and hands-on vehicle inspection classes. Immediate feedback and recommendations are provided to senior management, and follow-up assessments are conducted on a request basis.

Material Handler Train-the-Trainer course

ISRI is proud to offer the first in a series of mobile equipment safety courses. The Material Handler Train-the-Trainer includes one full day in the classroom covering equipment related safety information and 4 – 6 hours in the field going over equipment inspection, blind spot drills, machine set-up and control, as well as loading and unloading exercises. This course is designed to give trainers at your facility a better understanding of safety in and around material handlers.

Vehicle Hands-On Inspection Course

This course includes driver and management roadside inspection requirements

Other Hands-On Assistance

A less-commonly used ISRI Safety Outreach resource is best described as “specialized assistance” for unique issues.  Prompted by individual member requests, ISRI Safety personnel have visited facilities to help with problems as diverse as accident investigation, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of safety consultants hired by the member.

Training Request

Contact Terry Cirone to request safety training.