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VP, Safety
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The ISRI Board determined in 2006 that for the safety culture message to gain the greatest traction, ISRI needed to communicate face-to-face with our members and thus they directed the ISRISafety staff to “hit the road,” delivering the safety message to members at their own facilities, free of charge, as a benefit of membership.

ISRI Safety Outreach Services

The ISRI Blueprint - Safety Culture Assessment

The ISRI Blueprint process facilitates a discussion among senior managers that allows them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of 20 components of the facility’s safety culture.

Safety Training - General Safety Class

The General Safety s Class is a one day class which replaces ISRI’s former 10 Hour Safety Training Class and is provided at the ISRI member’s facility.

Hazard Recognition in Recycling

This course was developed in conjunction with the OSHA Susan Harwood grant program. It is relevant to scrap recyclers across all commodities who would like their employees to learn more about hazard recognition and mitigation in the operations environment.

Transportation Assessment Program

ISRI offers a transportation safety assessment, which focuses on six key components:  general responsibilities, driver responsibilities, operational responsibilities, vehicle responsibilities, hazardous material responsibilities (if applicable), and crash responsibilities.

Hands-on Vehicle Inspection Class

A CMV is required for this class a tractor/trailer, or roll-off straight truck. This class focuses on the following; how to perform a thorough vehicle inspection, vehicle nomenclature, leading vehicle trend defects (lights, tires, brakes, etc.), and CVSA out-of-service criteria.

Interested in evaluating your facility’s program? Contact Elly Torabian with the Safety Department to schedule one or all of the transportation services with an ISRI safety staff representative.

Defensive Driver Class

ISRI offers a defensive driver class (conducted in a classroom environment) which focuses on the following; how CSA impacts a driver and a company, cost of accidents and how they impact a company’s bottom line, driver etiquette recommended for state/federal roadside inspections, hours-of-service requirements, and driver distractions (cell phone requirements for drivers who operate CMV’s).

Training Request

Contact Terry Cirone to request safety training.