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A focus on transportation safety within the scrap recycling industry.

ISRI DOT Self Audit Checklist

To assist members with FMCSA regulatory compliance issues, ISRI Safety has developed a DOT Self-Audit Checklist. Being in compliance with this self-audit checklist does not mean that a motor carrier or an individual driver is exempt from monetary fines and penalties.

ISRI Safety Awards

The annual ISRI Transportation Safety Awards reflect the value and importance that the industry places on vehicle safety, by recognizing the top performers in the field, both at the company and individual levels.

ISRI/Vigillo Motor Carrier CSA Opt-In

Any ISRI Circle of Safety member company with a US DOT# may opt-in, at no charge, and share their CSA safety performance and insurance information with ISRI (information will remain anonymous among members).  Members will have the ability to add, edit or revoke sharing permissions at any time. The advantage of opting-in and participating in the Carrier Select Program will allow ISRI to provide superior member outreach safety service, e.g., data mining CSA scores, insurance information, and developing trends by fleet size, states, regions, etc.

In order to opt-in it will you have to provide your US DOT number and your Safety Measurement System Number (SMS) pin number. If you don’t have your SMS pin number you will have to order one by clicking on Request Personal Identification Number (PIN). To enter your information into Vigillo use this Motor Carrier Free Opt-in link. If you need any assistance contact ISRI’s Transportation Safety Director, Commodor Hall at 202-662-8519.

Regulatory Information

This section gives guidance to regulated entities by, explaining rules, regulations, registrations, licensing, safety, security, facts, resources, and providing other guidance for example conducting periodic vehicle inspections, levels of financial responsibility, and driver vehicle inspection reports.

Other Transportation Regulations

This section provides practical guidance, for example, how to use an emergency response booklet, guidance for on-line incident reporting through the US Department of Transportation Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, guidance on loading open top railroad cars, and other miscellaneous railroad instruction.

Geared Up for Safety

Geared Up for Safety is a publication of the ISRI Safety Department. Its purpose is to promote safe driving and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and to inform readers of valuable safety processes.