Safety Stand-Down Day

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Terry Cirone
VP, Safety
(202) 662-8500

ISRI’s Annual Safety Stand-Down Day

On Wednesday, June 15, companies are encouraged to shut down operations at least one hour during every shift to engage in safety education.

This year's focus is safety around mobile equipment.

The safety education can be in any form, including:

  • Employee training;
  • Management walk-around;
  • Toolbox talks by employees;
  • Presentations by equipment service providers; and/or
  • Any other effective safety training method.

2016 Safety Stand-Down Day Toolkit

In the busy scrap recycling industry forklifts, skidsteers, trucks, railcars, and even customer vehicles moving through facilities every day. Mobile equipment is the cause for more injuries and fatalities than any other source at scrap recycling facilities.  As you plan your safety outreach and training, consider using the safety training workbook and other safety resources.


2016 Safety Stand-Down Day Highlights

More than 60 companies representing over 105 facilities and 2,200 employees (including temporary workers and contractors) participated in the ISRI Safety Stand-Down Day.  The companies utilized both ISRI and their own company information in taking time out of the day to discuss and re-affirm the importance of safe operations in the scrap recycling industry.

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