ISRI Metal Theft Laws - Inspection Requirements

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Many states allow for inspection of records without a warrant. This report covers specific provisions in state statutes governing when law enforcement agencies (and other entities, if allowed) may inspect a recycler's transaction records and/or purchased material covered by the state's metal theft law. To build a report, just select the states you'd like to review from the list below. This information can also be included in a Custom Report by selecting Inspection from the General category.

What Is Included In This Report

  • Inspection: State provisions related to law enforcement inspection of records

This report can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF or as a CSV file (Excel or other database).

Please Note:  This database is not intended to serve as legal advice; please consult an attorney or legal advisor regarding the application of the laws and any regulations to specific situations you may encounter. This database does not cover vehicle detitling/dismantling laws, scrap yard / junk yard zoning and screening requirements, laws on the purchase and processing of precious metals and jewelry, such as gold, silver, and platinum, or secondhand materials laws.

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