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October 2013

ISRI Participates in PACE Meeting in South Africa
Members of the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) recently met in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in 2008, PACE is a public/private partnership that allows multi-stakeholders a unique venue to develop technical guidance, innovative solutions, and raise awareness to the environmentally sound management of used and end-of-life electronics. PACE is managed by the Basel Convention Secretariat. Membership includes Parties and signatories to the Basel Convention, NGO’s, manufacturers, recyclers, refurbishers, academia and Basel Convention Regional Centers. PACE divides its work into six different project groups that include:

1.1: Environmentally Sound Refurbishment/Repair of Used Computing Equipment
2.1: Environmentally Sound Material Recovery/Recycling of End-of-Life Computing Equipment
3.1: Collection and Management of End of Life Computing Equipment from Informal Sectors
4.1: Awareness Raising and Training
5.1: Strategies, Actions and Incentives to promote Environmentally Sound Management
6.1: Transboundary Movement of Used and End-of-Life Computing Equipment

The South African meeting primarily focused on the future of PACE. Now that the technical guidance documents have been approved by the Parties for refurbishment/repair and material recovery and recycling, members are considering whether to wind down the partnership while continuing the pilot projects. In the interim, members agreed to develop two “Thought Papers” to provide guidance to the Parties in anticipation of the next Open Ended Working Group in 2014. The first paper will look to provide alternative solutions for the Inter-Sessional Working Group currently working to develop a guidance document for the Transboundary Movement of Used and End-of-Life Electronics (broadly defined as anything with electrical circuitry), which reached a stalemate at the last Conference of the Parties. The second will focus on furthering the work of PACE. The next meeting will be held in Jarkata, Indonesia May/June of 2014. ISRI has been an active member of the PACE Working Group since its inception in 2008. Members interested in learning more about PACE or that are interested in getting involved in PACE should contact ISRI staff, Eric Harris. For direct access to information about PACE go to visit the Basel Convention website.