Scrap 2016 Media Guide

When the going gets tough, the tough get going…and the smart advertise in Scrap.

In challenging times, every sale matters and every marketing dollar must deliver the highest return. That’s why you need Scrap. From the time our predecessor publication—Scrap Age—started in 1943 to today, we’ve been dedicated to one goal: the success of our readers and advertisers. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That’s why we work hard every day to produce the highest-quality recycling publication in the market. Here are just four of the many reasons why Scrap is your best media partner.

Premium Readership. Scrap offers the best, most targeted audience in the recycling field. Our qualified circulation includes the key individuals at every member company in our parent association, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. ISRI members represent the leading recycling companies in the business and, as such, are the best potential customers for your equipment, technology, product, or service. Scrap also reaches nonmember subscribers and thousands of additional prospects through bonus distribution at key domestic and international events throughout the year. Our 2013 reader survey showed that roughly three-fourths of Scrap readers are involved in their companies’ purchasing decisions and took an ad-related action in the previous 12 months as a result of reading Scrap. In short, Scrap’s readers are interested in seeing what you’re selling and have undeniable purchasing power.

A Dedicated Audience. Our recent reader survey also showed that Scrap readers love the magazine and spend time with it. The typical Scrap recipient, for example, reads or looks through all six of the last six issues, and 75 percent read about half or more of each issue. Engaged readers mean more eyeballs on your ad and more potential buyers for your product or service. It’s that simple. Scrap attracts such dedicated readers thanks to its editorial and ad content. Time and time again, readers tell us they value the ads in Scrap and use them to help with their purchasing decisions. By keeping your marketing message in front of our engaged readers, you improve your odds of making their list of vendors to contact for their equipment, technology, or service needs.

Invaluable Extras. In addition to its circulation noted above, only Scrap offers exclusive distribution in the ISRI convention tote bags, which exposes your ad to more than 5,500 additional prospects—at no additional cost to you. Scrap also e-mails a digital edition of its print publication each issue, giving you bonus distribution—again, at no extra cost—and increasing the likelihood that readers will see your marketing message. Best of all, our digital edition allows users to link to your company’s website and e-mail address, essentially bringing prospects to your door and, in turn, reducing your prospecting and follow-up time.

An Unbeatable Reputation. When you advertise in Scrap, you’re joining forces with the most respected name in the recycling publication niche. Surveyed readers consistently rank Scrap as the most credible and authoritative resource in the field and the one recycling publication they would read if they had to choose. We know the recycling industry. Our award-winning content speaks to Scrap’s readers, keeping them informed and helping them achieve greater success. There’s simply no substitute for our quality, and it’s yours to leverage with an ad program in Scrap.

Make Scrap your media partner in 2016, and see what a difference the Scrap edge makes in your marketing efforts. Contact Bob Emery at 440/268-0501 or to review our many advertising options, which suit every budget and marketing strategy. We look forward to working with you.