Scrap 2015 Media Guide

Advertising in Scrap is a winning move for your sales.

To stay a move ahead of your competitors, you need a game plan that includes powerful media pieces like Scrap. Here are five reasons why no other recycling publication can match Scrap’s strengths, all of which position you for success in the coming year and beyond.

PRIME PROSPECTS. Scrap offers the most targeted audience among recycling publications, including the entire membership of our parent association, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Around 90 percent of Scrap’s readers are in management positions, including 60 percent in corporate management, 15 percent in purchasing/sales management, and 15 percent in operations management, based on a 2013 independent survey.* In other words, Scrap helps you reach the professional recyclers with the greatest interest in—and ability to purchase—your equipment, product, technology, or service. In fact, the 2013 survey found that 78 percent of Scrap recipients are involved in their companies’ purchasing decisions, with roughly 74 percent saying they took an ad-related action in the previous 12 months as a result of reading Scrap. Those actions included visiting an advertiser’s website, discussing with others an ad they saw in Scrap, contacting a Scrap advertiser, and/or passing an ad along to others.

AN ENGAGED AUDIENCE. To be effective, your ad needs to be seen, which means readers must spend sufficient time reviewing the publication. Scrap has you covered there, consistently offering the highest reader engagement in the market. In fact, the typical Scrap recipient has read or looked through six of the last six issues, including 75 percent who read about half or more of each issue.

EXCEPTIONAL EXPOSURE. Scrap carries your marketing message well beyond its qualified circulation of 9,896** thanks to its extensive pass-along readership—which nearly triples its exposure—and bonus distribution at key national and international industry events. What’s more, only Scrap gives you exclusive distribution in the tote bags at ISRI’s annual convention, connecting you with up to 6,000 additional prospects. Best of all, Scrap offers its bonus distribution at no additional cost to you.

ON-TARGET CONTENT. One reason Scrap has such a dedicated readership is its award-winning content, which covers the issues that matter to professional recyclers and which helps them make purchasing recommendations and decisions. That’s why surveyed readers consistently rank Scrap as the most credible and authoritative resource in the field and the one recycling publication they would read if they had to choose.

VALUE-ADDED FEATURES. Beyond the premium circulation of its print edition, Scrap offers advertisers bonus exposure in its digital edition. That value-added resource gives recipients another way to interact with the magazine and broadens the potential for them to see—and link to--your ad. Scrap’s bimonthly publishing schedule also adds value to your ads by giving them a longer life in the market—and, therefore, greater potential to be seen—than ads in more frequent publications.

For the above reasons and more, make Scrap your winning media move in 2015. Contact Bob Emery at 440/268-0501 or to review our advertising options, which cater to every budget and marketing strategy.

*Readex Research, an independent survey company, conducted a survey on behalf of Scrap from June 18 to July 30, 2013. Readex selected a sample of 1,300 recipients in a systematic fashion from Scrap’s domestic, qualified, named circulation and collected data via a mailed survey. The survey was closed for tabulation with 323 usable responses, yielding a 25-percent response rate. The margin of error for percentages based on 323 usable responses is +/- 5.4 percentage points at the 95-percent confidence level. 

**Based on Scrap’s June 2014 BPA circulation statement

Scrap Magazine, May/June 2015