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Safety Spotlight
The first installment of Scrap’s new section focused on safety.

  • Safety briefs
  • Cardinal safety rules
  • Reflections on ISRI’s first Safety Stand-Down Day
  • Report: Fall ISEC meeting

2015 Market Forecast: Holding On
The U.S. economy is growing, but low commodity prices, reduced export demand, the strengthening U.S. dollar, and transportation bottlenecks are likely to make 2015 a tough climb for scrap recyclers. By Joe Pickard

Think Tank: Plastics Recycling
Patty Moore of Moore Recycling Associates answers 10 questions on recent efforts to boost plastics recycling and challenges that continue to face this market.

ISRI 2015 Convention Preview: Northern Exposure
ISRI is taking its annual convention to Canada for the first time and making programming changes that promise to make this a memorable occasion for all.

Equipment Focus: Security Technology
Electric fences and remote video monitoring systems are two tools recyclers can use to keep intruders out of their facilities and protect their assets. By Ellen Ryan

Report: CMRA Conference—An Unlucky Year
The Chinese aversion to the number 14 wasn’t the only detracting factor at the 14th annual CMRA conference last fall, as speakers and traders alike bemoaned the ailing international nonferrous scrap markets. By Adam Minter

Report: BIR Paris—Heavy Thoughts
With economic clouds hanging over China and Europe as well as the ongoing threats from protectionist measures, scrap thefts, and trade fraud, international recyclers had plenty of cause for concern at BIR’s fall meeting in Paris. By Kent Kiser

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