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The Hidden Hazards of Air Bags

As air bags in end-of-life vehicles proliferate, recyclers seek practical ways to reduce the explosive and environmental risks they can pose when they deploy unexpectedly. By Diana Mota

North American Shredder List

In the three years since Scrap last updated its list, the North American shredder market has grown 4 percent, for a net gain of 12 installations, with smaller systems gaining ground against larger ones.

Closing the Loop

Taiwan-based Wistron Corp. is setting a new standard for recycling plastics from end-of-life electronics at its third-party-certified Chinese facility and recovering metals from circuitboards in the United States. By Adam Minter

Four to Watch

Four technological trends—bring-your-own-device policies, kill switches, solid-state drives, and cloud-based computing—pose potential obstacles to the refurbishment and resale of certain used electronic products. By Ellen Ryan

Safety Series: Expect to Be Inspected

Would you know your rights and responsibilities if an OSHA inspector showed up unannounced? This advice from safety experts can help you prepare and protect your company. By Jim Parsons

Equipment Focus: Mobile Equipment Telematics

Telematics technology offers a host of benefits for owners of mobile equipment, helping them improve operating efficiency, keep up with maintenance, and address problems before they cause downtime. By Ken McEntee

Industry News


Orlando Business Journal (09/29/14) Barth, Cindy

Orlando, Fla.-based Port Canaveral Scrap Terminal, a bulk ferrous scrap exporter, signed a one-year agreement with the Canaveral Port Authority to lease 4 acres to operate a terminal in the north cargo area at Port Canaveral, Fla....
Michigan City News-Dispatch (09/05/14)

Burnham, Ill.-based Scrap Metal Services announced the acquisition of 360 Degree Metal Recycling, a full-service scrapyard and auto shredding operation in New Carlisle, Ind. SMS says the purchase will enable it to more cost-effectively tra...
Northwest Georgia News (09/04/14) Hagin, Agnes

Westside Recycling is an environmentally friendly recycling center located on a 20-acre site in Rockmart, Ga. Owner Hank Clark, who has been in the recycling industry for more than 25 years, opened the site in April 2012. Westside...


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