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In This Issue: September/October 2015

Safety Spotlight

Protecting Cargo on the Truck

As criminals find ever more inventive ways to target scrap in transit, companies are devising measures to protect their cargo, fleets, and drivers. By Megan Quinn

Think Tank: Auto Dismantling

Like scrap processors, automotive dismantlers face falling commodity prices and growing competitive threats. Automotive Recyclers Association CEO Michael Wilson describes his industry’s unique challenges and strategies for addressing them.

That’s a Wrap

Paper or plastic? At Novolex, increasing the recycled content in its paper and plastic products satisfies consumers’ demands for sustainability and helps the bottom line. By Katie Pyzyk

Equipment Focus: Fines Processing

Advances in separating smaller nonferrous particles could help U.S. recyclers recover more metal from automobile-shredder residue. By Kenneth A. Hooker

ISRI at Your Service: Investing in the Industry’s Future

ISRI and JASON Learning have developed a scrap recycling curriculum for K-12 students that meets national and state standards for STEM education. The challenge now is getting it into classrooms. By Rachel H. Pollack

Scrapbook: A Vroom of His Own

Toby Shine’s “man cave” in Iowa began as a place to restore classic cars and to store his own collection of vehicles, but it has become a tourist destination and a tribute to his hometown’s past. By Cynthia G. Wagner

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