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Safety Spotlight
■ Safety briefs
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Working safely around rail cars

Oh, Canada! ISRI 2015 Convention Guide
When ISRI brings its convention and exposition to Vancouver, British Columbia, this April, the show is sure to be as exciting as it is historic. Here’s why you can’t afford to miss this once-a-year—and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime—event.

ISRI Convention Exhibitor List
This year’s ISRI exposition will showcase roughly 260 exhibitors, all ready to demonstrate their equipment, technology, products, and services. Use this list to start planning your expo rounds now.

Ferrous Fortitude
Last year was a rough ride for U.S. ferrous processors, with various factors affecting steel scrap’s supply, demand, movement, and prices. Although recyclers entered 2015 with cautious optimism, the new year has had a rough start, causing them to wonder what the rest of this year will hold. By Helen Burnett-Nichols

The Search for Skeletons in the Closet
Conducting due diligence investigations of downstream customers has become the norm for electronics processors. Although certifications in the e-recycling sector are making the process easier, recyclers can’t let down their guard. By Ann C. Logue

Think Tank: Paper
The U.S. paper, paperboard, and recovered fiber sectors face a host of obstacles, including declining production of some grades, shifting export demand for scrap paper, ongoing quality concerns, and stagnant paper recovery. In this Q-and-A, paper recycling expert Bill Moore brings clarity to these and other issues.

The Foam Fight
Manufacturers, processors, and consumers of expanded polystyrene are working to expand its collection even as they face serious headwinds due to product bans and misperceptions about the recovered material’s demand and recyclability. By Katie Pyzyk

Making Their Case
It’s tough for public prosecutors to build cases against metal thieves and win convictions. Recyclers can help by understanding the evidence prosecutors need, participating in stakeholder groups, and lending their expertise about the scrap industry. By Kent Kiser

ISO: Workers
Recyclers across the country are having a hard time finding and retaining qualified employees. Some companies have developed strategies to help them solve the problem, such as working with a temporary staffing agency, recruiting at local schools, requesting referrals from existing workers, and more. By Michael McAuliffe

Equipment Focus: Hydraulic Magnets
Hydraulic magnets aren’t designed for high-volume scrap-loading operations, but they can be just the ticket for cleanup tasks and operators—especially demolition contractors—who want to share one magnet among several base machines. By Kent Kiser

Picking a Path to Profit
Cherry Cos. has succeeded for 63 years thanks to its flexibility to adapt and diversify as new opportunities arose, its focus on treating its employees like family, and its ability to grow along with the markets in which it operates. By Theodore Fischer

ISRI at Your Service: Training to Climb the Hill
For elected officials, there’s nothing as important as hearing directly from constituents. That’s why ISRI’s new grassroots lobbying approach focuses on training members how to be their own—and the industry’s—best advocates. By Katie Pyzyk

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