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ISRI Poll Shows What People Believe & Don’t Believe About Recycling

Feb 17, 2017

By Frank Cozzi


Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions – 49% believed this to be true.

The U.S. recycling industry is highly technical and sophisticated – 28% believed this to be true.

There is enough recyclable material in the U.S. to meet the needs of manufacturers – 27% believed this to be true.

The history of recycling dates back to the days of the cavemen – only 19% believed this to be true.


Recyclable material put in residential curbside bins is mixed with garbage in a land fill – 11% believed this to be true.

A product made from recycled material is of lesser quality than those made from a new raw material – 8% believed this was FALSE.

There is little or no economic value in recycling – 7% still believe this to be true.

Recycling does not save energy or conserve natural resources – 5% still believe this to be true.

In the end, 73% believed at least one truth while 22% believed at least one myth to be true.  Stay tuned for next month’s post where we will supply the facts about the truths and debunk the myths!

Frank Cozzi is the chief executive officer of Cozzi Recycling. This post originally appeared on the Cozzi Recycling Blog.

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