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Have a question or need information about an ISRI program or industry issue? We’ve created the ISRI Help Desk, organized by categories, to quickly provide you with a direct email link to the ISRI staff person who can get you the information you need. Or, simply give us a call at (202) 662-8500.

Safety Services

Circle of Safety Excellence™ (Terry Cirone)
Geared Up for Safety/Safety Point (Commodor Hall)
ISRI Safety & Environmental Council (Tony Smith)
ISRI Safety Outreach (Terry Cirone, Tony Smith)
OSHA (Terry Cirone)
Radioactivity Issues (Terry Cirone)
Safety (Terry Cirone)
Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) (Terry Cirone)
Safety Training Programs (Terry Cirone)

Industry / Policy / Issues

Advocacy (Billy Johnson)
Air Issues (David Wagger)
Airbags (David Wagger)
Americans With Disabilities Act - ADA (Danielle Waterfield)
Arbitration Program (Danielle Waterfield)
Auto Titling Legislation/Detitling (Danielle Waterfield)
Basel Convention (Adina Adler)
Clean Air Act/CFCs (David Wagger)
Clean Water Act (David Wagger)
Design for Recycling® (Mark Reiter)
Environmental Compliance (David Wagger)
Export Controls/AQSIQ (Adina Adler)
Federal Legislation (Mark Reiter, Billy Johnson)
Flow Control (Danielle Waterfield)
Grassroots (Billy Johnson)
Hazardous Waste (David Wagger)
International Affairs/Trade (Adina Adler)
ISRI PAC (Billy Johnson)
Materials Theft Legislation (Danielle Waterfield)
Materials Theft Prevention (Brady Mills)
Mercury Switches (Shelley Backstrom)
NMVTIS (Danielle Waterfield)
Ocean Transport (Adina Adler)
PCBs (David Wagger)
RCRA (David Wagger)
Reporting of Recyclables (Danielle Waterfield, David Wagger)
Right-to-Know (David Wagger)
Right-to-Reuse (Billy Johnson, David Wagger)
Sales Tax (Danielle Waterfield) (Brady Mills)
Security (Brady Mills)
Shredder Issues (David Wagger)
Solid Waste (David Wagger)
SREA Compliance Reports (Thomas Casey, Shelley Backstrom)
State Legislation/Regulations (Shelley Backstrom, Danielle Waterfield)
Stormwater (David Wagger)
Superfund Compliance (Danielle Waterfield, David Wagger)
Superfund PRPs/Legal (Thomas Casey, Shelley Backstrom)
Tax Matters (Billy Johnson, Danielle Waterfield)
Transportation Issues (Billy Johnson, Commodor Hall)
TSCA (David Wagger)
Underground Storage Tanks (David Wagger)
Used Oil/Oil Filters (David Wagger)
Zoning (Danielle Waterfield)


Commodities Research (Joe Pickard)
Paper (Bernie Lee)
Plastics (Jonathan Levy)
Roundtables (Joe Pickard, Catherine Murphy)
Tires & Rubber (Jonathan Levy)

Membership Services

Arbitration Program (Danielle Waterfield)
Contracts (Thomas Casey, Danielle Waterfield, Shelley Backstrom)
Dues Billing and Processing (Essence Morris, Steven Glover)
Finance and Budget (Margie Erinle)
Insurance Issues (Robin Wiener)
International Affairs/Trade (Adina Adler)
IRS (Billy Johnson)
ISRI Membership Directory Advertising (Bob Emery)
ISRI Membership Directory Listings (Essence Morris)
Legal Matters (Thomas Casey, Danielle Waterfield, Shelley Backstrom)
Member Records/Database (Essence Morris, Steven Glover)
Membership - New/Renewals (Steven Glover)
Passwords (Essence Morris)
Publication Orders (Eugene Angoue)
Scrap Magazine:

   Advertising Sales (Bob Emery)
   Circulation (Valerie Lucas)
   Classified Advertising (Valerie Lucas)
   Editorial Content (Rachel Pollack)
   Production (Marian Weiss)

Convention, Meetings & Education

Convention (Catherine Murphy, Chuck Carr)
Education & Training (Jonathan Levy)
Electronics/E-Scrap (David Wagger)
Meeting Registration (Catherine Murphy)
Roundtables (Joe Pickard, Catherine Murphy)
Webinars (Jonathan Levy)

Governance / Leadership / Chapters

Board of Directors (Robin Wiener)
Board of Directors/Committee Meetings (Maryann Greene)
Chapter Calendar of Events (Lacey Capps)
Chapter Financial Information (Margie Erinle)
Chapter Relations (Lacey Capps)

Recycling Research Foundation (RRF)

Recycling Research Foundation (Natasha Grant)

Member Communications / External Relations

Communications (Bob Ensinger)
ISRI Membership Directory Advertising (Bob Emery)
ISRI Membership Directory Listings (Essence Morris)
Marketing (Natasha Grant)
News Releases (Mark Carpenter)
Press/Public Relations (Mark Carpenter)
Social Media (Mark Carpenter, Rachel Bookman)
Websites (Tanishia Martin)
Youth Outreach (Bob Ensinger)


Recycling Industry Operating Standard™ (RIOS™)/
     R2 Practices (Darrell Kendall)