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Tom Casey
General Counsel

ISRI has created a platform by where we can harness the collective wisdom of the scrap recycling industry’s “legal beagles.” The Legal Council is an opportunity to discuss recent legal decisions affecting the recycling industry, to place a question on the table for others to opine upon, or to ask for advice from colleagues with an issue that one may not have encountered previously. If you have an attorney on staff or who is who directly engaged by your business, we’d like to hear from them.

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Upcoming Meeting and Events

Join us for our second meeting of the Legal Council for Legal Counsel at the Fall Board Meeting
Legal Council Meeting
Nov 3-5, 2016
Grand America Hotel
Salt Lake City, Utah

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Legal Council Members

Rachel Aronson
Irina Becker
Chris Bedell
Kerry Davidson
Christopher Doherty
Jeff Farano
Richard M. Fil, Esq.
Vessela Garvey
Ryan Glant
Jack D. Grundfest
Joe King
Scott Knowles
Michael Krentzman
Michele Lieberman
Scott Miller
Steven Moss
Dan Navabpour
Shelley Padnos
Shaun Pearman
Jeff Rosenblum
Marshall Segal
Eva Shine
David Wallace
Mark Weintraub